Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Affiliate Online Games

Affiliate program admitted and online luxury clothing store Boutique. Ru successfully cooperates for more than 5 months. During this time the system partners managed to prove a high level of professionalism and quality of work in the format of the CPA.

The new affiliate program, browser game «Skyrama»
New affiliate programs from Big Point and only admitted!
Ready for takeoff? Then build your own online airport!
Air traffic controllers, flight attendants and airport staff - in Skyrama You control all! Build your own airport and arrange flights for the endless stream of passengers.
Planting leaders, build their flight schedules and make sure that the planes take off on time. Take to the skies and rush to new heights!
Terms of use affiliate program:
The advertising is willing to pay 0,15 € for the involved person, and $ 0.55 for an active player!
Hold time of 30 days. 
Lifetime cookies 30 days. 
Geo Targeting disabled.
While the affiliate program is a newcomer in runet, it will be interesting to every lover of browser games. High traffic conversion is guaranteed!
Start earning today attracting players in it!
Added Novaya affiliate Checker «BigBuzzy».
Bigbuzzy - this is the first step on the way to a fundamental type of consumption goods and services. You do not just learn about interesting places and things to do city, and you can immediately try them using a special deal with a big discount. Food, entertainment, extreme, fitness, health and beauty, just go to bigbuzzy. Ru, to find out what to do tomorrow or today?
The advertiser is willing to pay webmasters 10% of all sales *!
This exclusive offer that only offers aggregator partners admitted!
Hold time of 10 days. 
Lifetime cookies 60 days. (Reported sales improved during this period of time will be counted as new)
Added Novaya affiliate Checker "Wrath of the Gods."
"Wrath of the Gods" - a new browser-based game, made in a unique fantasy style combining the features of a classic fantasy, dark fantasy and cyberpunk.
The game is new to the gaming audience (launched in spring 2011), so the conversion of clicks to register high.
Specially designed login page, combining the short registration form and create a character designer on the same page, increases the conversion of interested people are active players.
High interest in the game by the users due to the presence of creative promotional materials.
The game does not require installation of any software on the computer, and thus the conversion of clicks per active player higher than in client projects.
The advertiser is willing to pay for a player has reached level 2 - 7 rub., For Level 5 - 33.50 rubles.
More information can be found by clicking the following link: Top advertising agencies in Pakistan
We wish you success!

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