Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Contextual Advertising - An effective method of promotion

An important role in promoting the site is competent contextual advertising. Since then, advertising was invented, there are disputes about its effectiveness. Surprisingly, it happens that a successful and long-proven methods of advertising are completely useless for the advancement of other projects. Gradually, marketers and advertisers have come to a conclusion about the identity of each campaign and the need for selection of advertising sites for each project with the maximum degree of individuality. But before the advent of the Internet and tools such content as Yandex, Google AdSense and runner, this individualization of advertising campaigns was utopia.

Internet has revolutionized the advertising. The emergence of tools contextual advertising opportunity to deliver advertising targeted only interested in the category of network users. Why is this so important? If a banner is displayed non-targeted audience, your impressions go nowhere. Suffer the three parties: advertising space has been wasted, the customer does not receive the return from advertising itself as an Internet user with irritation staring at the stupid, unneeded ads.

It's quite another thing when your advertising is directed at a specific target audience of the consumer product. It shows only those who are potentially interesting. For example, a user of the network is looking for plastic windows - and contextual advertising offers him the commercial options, the user is interested in a particular brand of clothing - and sees an advertisement that informs, where you can buy, so even at a discount.

Promotional offers are addressed only to those who are potentially interested in buying or ordering services. So you spend money on effective displays your target audience, that is, to shows to potential customers.

What's more - the modern contextual advertising system allows you to pay only for the specific transitions to your website ("clicks") - and will do so clearly a person interested in the information provided by your life. If you pay per click through advertisement  you pay for navigation to people interested in your products and services.

Of course, always and everywhere is an issue of safety. We will not hide the fact that the Internet is constantly there are people who want to make money without doing anything. Among them, alas, unscrupulous site owners - advertising sites, where they try to earn the "increasing". However, in the case of such serious systems such as Yandex, Google AdSense and Runner-owned media such monsters as Google and Yandex, you can not be afraid of markups. These known contextual advertising system care about their reputation and effectively track, "Cheaters", immediately expelling them (once and for all at the first attempt, "markups") out of the system. You can be sure that Yandex, Google AdSense and runner work only with honest and secure advertising space on the Internet.

Let's look closely at the three main systems of contextual advertising in runet.

Yandex - the first of the three analyzed systems of contextual advertising, which appeared in runet. It began its work in 2001. 22 million people daily through ads Yandex. In this case, the advertiser gets a clear conversion statistics visitors can assess user demand for certain key requests to adjust their advertising campaign. It is very important that when working with Yandex to choose the city in which your potential customer lives: this is especially promising for regional firms.

Google AdSense on the popular search engine Google is working on the Russian market since 2002. Text and image ads that Google AdSense on a variety of platforms'll ever be a good fit on the page context, especially among the instruments that have a special filter that allows you to filter out inappropriate ad pages. Is also a great tool filter competitors - you can be sure that next to you will not be advertised your worst enemy and rival for the sale of pink hamsters. Of course, Google AdSense, and provides a huge conversion statistics, demonstration, audience.

Runner - another famous Russian service that places contextual ads on Russian sites. It works like Google AdSense, since 2002. To date Runner shows a week, 450 million advertisements by scrolling (only for the target audience) 2.8 billion times. Viewers of 26.8 million Internet users, including such huge venues headings as, LiveJournal, YouTube, Calendar,, etc. Is the Runner? It is every customer can analyze yourself: Runner provides extensive statistics on mischief and transitions, and in the last two years and analyzes the socio-demographic characteristics of each campaign: give information about what sex and age of the people who clicked on your website (this applies to the registered on advertising platforms, and a very large part of users).

Promotion in conjunction with contextual advertising to produce impressive results. Of course, contextual advertising - just one of the methods of integrated website promotion. But this is the fastest method based on the results, although not the cheapest.

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