Wednesday, 13 November 2013

5 Ways to effective promotion of sites.

Blogs most developing internet pages, which are becoming more popular by the day. Blogs give birth politics, business companies, promoters of the common people who wish to implement in online communities. In order to find his blog readers and new visitors who will receive the information by communicating with him to share his thoughts and feelings, you need to know some basics of promoting your blog.
Besides tools SEO, which is essentially a technicality promote your blog, there are other ways to join the blogosphere and find its niche. It may be that these methods will bring you the greatest effect in website development for companies with the search progress and steady targeted traffic that each day will only grow.
1. The creation and maintenance of its RSS news feed blog. Their own feed can be started on a free service Google FeedBurner, which will allow your readers to subscribe to newly published articles on the blog. Now, most browsers have facilities for reading the channels automatically, including all the favorite with Opera. RSS feeds have become very popular because of its ease of just a 2 mouse clicks and without going further to the blog to keep abreast of new information.
2. Social Bookmarking - Access to social bookmarking sites is provided free of charge, every day has a lot of people come in search of useful information. You can easily find any social network via a search form and leave after registering bookmarks for interesting posts on your blog.
3. Promotion in the services of questions and answers, for example announces a known service mail. Ru. Representatives of the search engines claim that the future of such services to promote their projects. Every day, thousands of people come here asking questions that want answers, and if you are good in at least one sector of some interesting people, you will no doubt find its niche and offer users the answers to their posts, thus redirecting them to your blog and generate traffic inflow.
4. Promoting Your Blog in the service of free promotion. While the market preference can be given to only two representatives of this category. First of all they are the most effective and real, you can get a return, second converting traffic to your blog is automatic with no involvement on the part. Enough to be recorded in the service and place the code in the code on your blog and you'll receive new interested visitors through the exchange of traffic. These two services: formats. mobile apps for university. To promote your blog in the free services, you can use them both separately and combined.
5. Commenting on blogs - in any case it is absolutely necessary if you want to follow news about his theme, find new themes for their posts - you have to read other blogs of similar subjects. You can always ask the author or for more information on interesting article. Do not be afraid to comment on the blogs of other members, leave comments literate and volume do not forget to leave a link back to this blog. This method will allow for more inbound links and maybe go make a decent amount of participants in the call to your blog.

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