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How to describe the goods to be bought

The site - a dealer, not a living, but electronic. Why do some sellers sell a lot, but almost no other? The difference between "selling" and "unsold" that knows how to tell a good seller of goods specified enthusiastically to the merits of the goods, skillfully explain how the product can solve the problem of the buyer. An "unsold" will get bored and impatient to wait, when you become separated from it.

Of all the sections of the site is playing a role card product seller who either convince the buyer need to purchase or make it click and leave the site.

So what should be on the item card to convince the customer of the need making a purchase.

1.      Product Name and product (number). Some industries from different manufacturers may have different part numbers (numbers) for one and the same product. If possible, specify all the existing articles, Advertising agencies in Karachi then the buyer will know exactly what to buy that product, which he needs.

Example: radiators for cars and tractors are manufactured by several plants. And every plant assigns a unique number. Same radiator all manufacturers have different drawing rooms. Not all potential buyers understand the intricacies of the technical documentation and may simply not know all the existing number you want them to radiate.

2.      Photo goods at various angles. Photo quality should be good, but do not make them too big in size. Not all buyers may be high-speed Internet or a powerful computer that will lead to the fact that the photos will be a long time to boot. This may cause that the user gets tired of waiting and it just goes from the site. But also very small pictures do not make. The buyer cannot see the details he needed. Goods must be captured in different angles. The buyer is not possible to feel the goods, touch and see. Therefore, it should see the goods from several sides in profile, full face and in fine detail.

Example: Online M. The video perfectly solved this problem. Any product can be virtually in the hands and rotate it out fine details.

3. Property Description Item plays a pivotal role in sales. While searching for the right product, the buyer is looking even the product itself, as a solution to their problems. At the same time, Advertising agencies in Pakistan the description of the properties of the product should not put pressure on the buyer's complex technical terms and abstruse words. It should be easy to read and tell why this product is needed.

Example: good decisions can have podposmotret Ozon. Ru and online Sportmaster.

4. Manufacturer name indicates mandatory. Many customers trust certain brands and faceless commodity just scare them.

5. Indication of stock - a very important selling point. Availability of necessary goods instantly catches the customer's attention and prompts him for immediate purchase.

Example: an excellent solution in Ozon. Ru and online Sportmaster. The site Sportmaster can see if there are items available in a particular store this trading network. It has repeatedly urged me as a buyer, go to the store and buying the right product. And it is very convenient. No need to go shopping and spend your time and money searching for the right product. You can see that the store has the goods, and you go there to buy.

6.      List of related products can sometimes sell more than the card itself explanation.

Example: this scheme works fine in Ozon. Ru and is one of the factors of their multimillion-dollar sales.

7. Product List peers will help the buyer make the best choice.

8. Conditions of delivery and payment are very important buying decision. He must be sure that it will be easy and convenient to get the goods and pay for it.

9. Link to reviews on this product, free product with discussions. Man being curious, meticulous and loving part with their money. He needed to be sure that he is buying what you need. And who is it best to sure about this? No, not the seller, and a fellow shopper. Why so popular forums and sites where you can read reviews about places, products and services.

10. The price of goods under different conditions of supply. Goods can not itself go down, and someone brings it delivers. Therefore, shipping costs are part of the purchase price. The ultimate solution to the buyer need to know exactly how much he will pay for the goods.

Example: I like ozone, is the fact that you quickly issued a final price, how much will it cost you to buy this product. Me as a buyer it is very convenient. Sale process itself becomes transparent and honest.

11. Discounts, bonuses and surcharges must be specified and the customer said.

12. Examples of calculating savings in various forms of delivery, payment. Buyers should be clear how it can save. In addition, he will be pleased that cared.

13. Rating of orients what products are in demand and what is not. Since a good product, as you know, quickly sold.

14. The link to the files to "upload" detailed documentation. Sometimes the decision needs a little more information than can accommodate a card of product description and therefore need to have access to more detailed technical and other information.

List of items that you must have the card in the item description, we got along, but without them your email seller fails to fulfill its mission successfully. I would also note that in more detail about each of these items you can find, subscribe free blog "Sell more with the help of web-copywriting. 1000 ideas to millions of rubles. "

Good luck to you in the promotion!

Prospects Search Engine Optimization in Russia

What are the prospects of search engine optimization? I believe that here the answer is unequivocal: "The most that neither is encouraging!". The tremendous increase of Internet users Internet attracts a growing number of organizations and companies. Expanded and improved services and marketing services. New company - new sites, and hence - more work for professionals to promote the site.

Now online - marketing - is a necessary part of any successful business. Properly optimized pages are able to attract a huge number of the target audience, and, respectively, and bring profit to their owners.

It should be noted that the relationship with the search engines are gradually reaching a new level of understanding. If a few years ago simply did not perceive Yandex optimizers, now listen to them, and in the state of the company has long been working several optimizers. The legitimization of the profession - an important step designed to bring this industry out of the shadows to make the work of Advertising agencies in Pakistan the optimizer law and deserved popularity, which pair is not enough. We should also note the popularization of the Russian part of the Internet. Such a huge company like Google has long appreciated the prospects of development of the Russian part of the global network. Still, there and ours! This will force the move and go to domestic giants such as Yandex, Rambler, Mayle.

A networking community, united in blogs and social networks is becoming familiar and indivisible part of the Internet. Social networks are the most fertile environment for the optimizers, because the information in such networks is distributed instantly, any innovation or just interesting information becomes the property of the broadest audience in a matter of hours or even minutes. But, as in any society, Advertising agencies in Karachi there will not tolerate obsessions and hypocrisy, so blogs and social networks require openness and honesty. However, with the increasing competition among online resources is growing and demanding users to them. And, therefore, there are growing demands for the optimization and promotion of sites, primarily in professional terms. This means only one thing - search engine optimization will cease to be a haven of self-taught amateurs, need professional staff with a high level of knowledge and suitably prepared to meet the challenges.

We should also say when a new domain zone. "Ref". This innovation is a significant step forward in the global network Russia. But for SEO is a huge springboard for the implementation of its features. After all, there will be new sites, which means it will appear and a new job for SEO masters.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Proper Exchange Links

After registration in search engines and directories girder following pop method of promotion - buy or exchange links. What can it give? In principle, the same sense that with directories. External links to good, fatty, close topics sites, increase PR, Alexa Rank, and with the successful placement also deliver traffic. Exchange begins with. Generally, the exchange is not accepted with enthusiasm by the search engines and the algorithms of the search engines are trying to identify these facts, and "hamstring" sites seen in the obese. This happens because it is an artificial cheat and search engine strive to improve the quality of search and respected natural links. So in at least they like to think -.) links are direct and cross. Direct - A site refers to the site B, site B to your site A. Cross - site A links to site B, site B to site C, Site C to Site A or other schemes, but the general sense, I think, is clear .. How better? No consensus - some believe that direct links are better, others that cross. Personally, Advertising agencies in Karachi my opinion, this should not be abused at all. No you will not be in a reasonable amount of outgoing, even direct links. Generally, it is believed that on each page should be no more than 50 references, because more searchers ignore, but I prefer to do a much smaller value (I basically do not do it on purpose, did not actively practice and practiced). Usually about free exchange agree, it's the same exchange. The following conclusions if you PR-1, CY-0, hardly any site PR-5, CY-3000 will be with you to change ... So, as a rule, a more realistic exchange with sites having similar performance. Although it happens in different ways, in many respects depends on luck and talent to negotiate. I can be in the following ways: 1) Directly negotiating with web masters vending sites Advertising agencies in Pakistan  you; 2) using special service. I will not go into detail and describe the features of each, just give a list of the most popular, having a normal reputation. Understand they will not Tips for link exchange: 1) changes references to related sites. It is certainly possible, and not thematic, but it will not be effective; 2) me to sites that have some PageRank and TCI (the higher the better) 3) Reference text is not the least important, consider it, to make it relevant to your page, in addition, his attempt to diversify. 4) Page where you placed a link should be available for indexing by search engines, it should not be a page - mess with hundreds of outgoing links; 5) Under the links can provide a separate page, but it's the same should not be trashed, I contain no more than 50 references, in addition it should also have some PageRank, TCI and should be indexed, otherwise such an exchange is not interested in anyone; 6) If there is a possibility of cross-sharing - use. If you have multiple projects, ask for a link to one of them, and give yourself a link from another. Really a such exchange must be mutual interest to and beneficial; 7) Not necessarily, to share with the main pages, if pages 2-3 levels indexed by search engines and have a decent PageRank and Alexa Rank, then why not? 8) Ensure that shortly after exchanging your link is not removed, it happens all the time. So look for bona fide partners. 9) And finally do not abuse! Finally, the change can only be cautiously -). Just like with directories, do not subscribe to the full comer trash at best a waste of time, I should change efficiently and wisely. Better yet, unless of course, there is money to buy links, but more on that next time. More reading: ABC terms and jargon for SEO novice

How to Get Good Money Online?

Modern people will sooner or later begin to speculate on additional earnings. We've learned that a child puts in our minds the idea that the money earned on food only at work. We go to school, then to college, and then we have to find a suitable job, and then the money is. But do not adhere to this rule only.

Earnings clicks can be very different, and if followed standard procedure - to get a job with a high salary and live happily ever after, in one unfortunate moment this world can fail, and in this case a man who worked at one job for ten years or even fifteen , often with a deep depression. So it's easier to think in advance about undermining that job loss has not impacted on the financial position.

What will the easiest to get up? Most people will start to dream about some small business ventures, which will certainly be associated with sales, or decide to engage in creative work at home - such as making cakes, baking pancakes with onions or breeding honey agaric. This is normal as possible, but - alas - in such a hobby there are lots of drawbacks - the need for insertion of money, bored inevitable interaction with customers, in short, continuous fatigue.

In this "advanced" population understands that the Internet rapidly breaks into our reality and alters its form, without the global network is now generally not life. Already the most stubborn groups in society are getting closer to the Internet. The main advantage of the global network - a large army of users. That is, if registering a private company, you will get buyers the city's population and surrounding towns, is opening a good website, you will find customers from all over the globe.

That's why it's better to throw all available resources to study methods of earning a living online. Certain people believe that earnings in the Internet - this mouse-on banners yes speculation on SMS. Alas, such games will not work to earn.

SOM need to do. What does this mean? SOM - a site for people to understand Yandex. You create your online blog, promote and project the only rule - the site should be interesting to many users.

Money on the Internet are made on the implementation of Advertising agencies in Pakistan spots, goods or services. Think of the original goods and services or get everyone on the global web go to your website, and you worthy of Finance will be provided. There are enthusiasts who earn each month 250-300 thousand rubles. So what is the other worse? Not worse. But we need to start a business already.

Creating an online business is almost identical to doing business in life. In the beginning all in control of their own - invent the idea of the site, suitable design, you know how to make a website promotion , you order texts and set up hosting. In the end, you realize that it takes a lot of time, so most of your transfer paid professionals, there will always be business owners who do all the mercenaries, but they only make a profit. When your sites are already paying money, it becomes easier, because funds can give payroll hired professionals. There are special labor exchange, where it is easy to buy as a separate design and content, as well as a ready-made online resource.

Where better to start creating websites? The path is not so complicated, but not so easy. Easier, of course, to enroll in specialized courses, and give the money to find out what's in the process of earning on the Internet. You can ask the masters CEO elaborate on this and advise how to easily learn the main skills, Advertising agencies in Karachi but it will cost significantly more. There is an option to use magic book SEO specialist, where the whole process is described best experts on the Web, at least have an " SEO for people . " In general, many features, the most difficult - start.

Start with a simple blog, select any topic in which you are well versed and that will be interesting bloggers start to post in this blog a few posts a week. Then your blog regular readers will be interested in the details. After that, figure out how to earn good money, begin to trade advertising, and you will be tens of thousands of "wood" in a month pocket money, and then scored his main work and receive money online. Earnings and sites - a great opportunity to increase the budget.

Good luck in finding ways to earn money online and most earnings!

Show to Get External links to the Site

To date, the ranking of the site, the most important role played by external links to your site from other online resources. To promote your website to search engine performance TCI "Yandex" and Google PageRank plays a major role, but these figures will always be unchanged if your site does not include external links, i.e. in other words, your site no longer referenced. Therefore, the following is an overview of the different methods of obtaining relevant inbound links to your website both paid and completely free.
But it is important to remember if you have any limitations in the budget, to obtain inbound links you have to show your resourcefulness.

The main ways to get free inbound links to your site

Today, thanks to the different methods of getting free inbound links to your website, you can without any financial cost to promote your online resource. All these sources of free options are described in detail in the topic  Advertising agencies in Pakistan
Free inbound links to your site  can be placed on various forums, comments and blogs. These methods are very time consuming, on the brink of legality, but not strange they really can bring a significant contribution in promoting your site. The main thing to take into account the relevance of your reference. If your site has interesting information that is directly relevant to the discussion and may be useful to its members, then you can safely place your link in the comments. This link will be very useful for search engine optimization, as well as to attract the target audience. In many forums and communities can find sections, in exchange for a service (for example, for a nominal discount on the product or service) razrascheno post brief information about your company (website, portal, etc.) and leave a link to your website .
Besides a link to your site, you can place in the free directories. But all of these directories have low TCI and PR, and can often hurt promotion because become sources of search engine spam. Therefore, the choice of these directories should be approached very carefully. This rule also applies to other such sites as well as message boards. 
Various social networks also offer an additional source of free links. If a particular page or content high popularity, the weight and external links to your site will be more.

Paid links to external site

The quickest and most common way of promoting and acquiring inbound links - this is their purchase. In fact, external links you can buy at any level you like your site, agreeing directly with the owner. Of course in reality do not always get to negotiate directly, because to promote the need to purchase a pretty impressive amount of links, Advertising agencies in Karachi and to negotiate with the owners of sites can take a long time. So you can take advantage of special resources, namely reference services exchanges, through which you can greatly simplify the whole process of procurement of external links.
Referral exchange is a market where trade is fully automated. On that exchange you can buy or sell links and ad units.
There is another quick and effective way to promote your site reference - buying links from articles. The principle of operation is a little similar to exchanges, the main difference is that instead of a reference block you get a link from a unique thematic content. To do this, instead of the usual links with anchor text to write an article that will be posted on Stateyny Exchange. This method takes a lot longer than just buying links. Chances are you'll spend a lot of effort or finance, writing unique optimized content. The main advantage of this method - the creation of diverse natural and external links.
Similar services in rained quite a lot, and they all offer publishing content for search engine optimization. Pricing and quality requirements of articles on all different services. Very popular among optimizers use such Stateyny exchanges like: MiraLinks, SetLinks, LinkFeed, Liex and others.
If you want to focus on the traffic, you can directly or through an intermediary to negotiate a custom writing or review articles, and self-publishing agreements. For example, you can negotiate with the owner of the site or hyped popular blogger on publishing your content on the pages of his site. To attract targeted traffic, this method gives excellent results, but in search engine optimization it is not so effective.
Similarly, the system works posted links to news articles or resources. A very large number of news sites take on custom publishing materials (denim). These links play a huge role in attracting targeted traffic and convey a lot of weight, but the cost of such a link would be quite expensive.

Linkbeyting -  the process of obtaining inbound links without any material stimulation (own resources begin to link to your site). This way of promoting widespread in the West, as their search engines more tightly related to the acquisition of external links on various exchanges.
The main essence of the method - placing on the pages of your website interesting and useful impeccably decorated material, which many will want to share a link to your web resource on your website. You can safely place on the pages of your site workshops, telling funny stories to visitors, or to spread colorful photographs, most importantly your imagination.
In addition to the very idea of ​​the important role played by design content. Title content should be bright and intriguing, and the content itself should be easy to read and understandable. On the page where you want to place this content is desirable to completely get rid of advertising, in other words, do all to the user it was convenient to read or watch.
In conclusion I would like to remind you that all search engines are primarily evaluated the naturalness of external links. Therefore, always use the maximum number of methods by which you can get inbound links to your site with a wide variety of quality resources.

How Can Earn Newbie Online?

All beginners and experienced Internet users do not once asked, "How can I make money online?". The answer to this question is quite simple: "Any earnings on the Internet will depend on you." You will earn as much as you deserve it, how much you work.
Make money online easily fail. Also, do not get to earn a lot in one day and once as needed first attempts, the first experience, which should be constantly piling up. I will say that many people have tried to make money online, but they do not understand what some good money you need to build gradually. Advertising agencies in Karachi , If you think that your job will be easy, and huge income, it is better to start to work. Yes, working on the computer is easier than physical work. But, you know, here you have to think. That is to say, you will have "brainstorming".

How much can earn on the Internet newbie? It all depends on the work you have chosen, and it all depends on you. Work on the Internet is enough. Many users start working on clicks. This is the first earnings on the easiest when you do not even think about. You have to sit at the computer and to click on the sites. This is your work. But the job does not get a lot. Just one click to the site Advertising agencies in Pakistan receives a maximum $ 0.2. It is the ultimate dream. Usually, you'll receive a specific penny. You can sit and clicking all day, and your earnings may be less than a dollar! Can you imagine what you will be paying a penny. So I think this kind of work we discard.

Take a job at the post office. Earnings in the mail are more than clicks. A lot of work, pay a little (we can say that this is the motto of our employers). You will view e-mail, respond to emails, etc. etc. Your earnings could be around 10-15 dollars a month, if you did a good job. That is, this work also brings substantial gains. Salary $ 15 will not get you anything, but take a lot of time.

Now we can consider trading on websites and blogs. This work is the most difficult in the Internet, but it is paying off. If you want to be a webmaster, you should know how to build websites and blogs, to be able to build them and untwist. It is not easy. Here we have to "work hard" to create your life, and if they promote, it's even harder. Have to stay up nights to your life attracted the attention of visitors rose to the top and did not go there. However, this work requires some investment. You will need hosting and domain, and it is about 5-10 dollars a month. You can certainly host your site on a free host, but the profit will have to wait a very long time or no wait. Also, you can take advantage of some of the websites that offer to build websites for a fee. Normal site can cost somewhere in the $ 100-150. And that kind of money, the more unnecessary, you do not.

Earnings on copywriting is more understandable. Here you can earn significant money by not having education. If you are excellent at school wrote essays, then this job is for you. You write articles and sell them. Everyone seems that writing articles is easy. And in fact - it is very hard work. To buy your writing, you write very efficient and competently. The first time you work on the exchange of get to my website will take place in agony. Orders, no money, and I want to work. Here you need to constantly write and wait. Your articles need someone. Write as possible. Gradually, you will stuff the master's hand. First earnings could be up to $ 15 a month, if you work. And then the price of your creation will grow. Eventually, after two-three months of work, you can get about $ 50 a month easily. This work is not bad, but you need to know the price and the customers themselves.

I spoke about the work on the Internet, showed exemplary trading for beginners. Now, use this information correctly.

10 Signs the Selling Copywriting for Web

Without copywriting is not promotion, and without promotion copywriting. It's like two plus two. Agree, without good copywriting will not be effective promotion, and this means that copywriting must sell. For this he needed, and not to fill the empty spaces on the site or advertising. Copywriting should be sold.

To understand what is copywriting marketing , let us define the very concept of copyrighting.

Copywriting - this development activity (on request) and image advertising slogans, mottos, as well as promotion and advertising texts (Dictionary of the natural sciences. Glossary. Ru).

Copywriting (from Eng. copywriting ) - professional activity of writing advertising and presentation of texts . As such can be considered all texts that directly or indirectly advertise goods, Advertising agencies in Karachi, service, person or idea. Professionals who deal with copyrighting, called copywriters. (The Free Encyclopedia Wikipedia).

That is the main purpose of copywriting is the promotion of the product by the text.

During RuNet term "copywriting" has a broader designation. Under him understand and create unique texts for the needs of SEO-optimization, and writing articles - not necessarily advertising. Hence the question arises of how to be a marketing copywriter.

Currently out several types of copywriting:

Advertising copywriter, copywriting for print, television, outdoor advertising and online advertising.
SEO-copywriting-writing unique texts optimized for key search engine queries.
Speechwriting-drafting texts for public appearances.
Web-ratting (web copywriting) copywriting for websites.
Rewriting - rewriting the source code in your own words so that the result is a unique text with meaning.
All of the above 5 species copywriting somehow contribute product promotion, but do it directly yet only three. SEO-copywriting is more to search engine optimization. And his main goal is to raise the ranking of a website and increase attendance. Speechwriting can not be called selling copywriting , as public speaking is the main driving force of the speaker, his charisma and ability to voice text beautifully.

What does it take to advertising copywriting (web copywriting and rewriting) successfully sold? What should be in the article or not to product promotion has been effective? Texts for print advertising and online advertising will differ in some details, but not fundamentally. Since in our paper we consider issues related to copywriting for the web , then b Udem bear this in mind.

The text for the site and requires a combination of many elements of the advertising message, here are some of them:

1. " Delicious "headline.

"The headlines read five times more than the texts themselves" - Ogilvy on Advertising / D. Ogilvi. The headline should "hook" the reader and make reading further.

2. Mention illustrations.

Many of the best copywriters uses in their selling lyrics illustration. Illustration for the site must also contain the name of the keyword. Illustration of the keyword in the title is a way to free promotion site on the World Wide Web.

3.      Key words in the text. Necessary again to remember the key words. The best option is "Grind" articles under one keyword. That is, the title, the title and text illustration use only one keyword. The text is necessary to use the keyword several times, preferably in the different spellings.

4.      Simple language, clear and relevant topic. Sometimes not prevent a drop of good humor and irony.

5. Lack of hype. The article should not "vparivat"!

6.      Readable font. For online advertising effective font size not less than 10, "sans-serif»: Arial, Verdana and Arial black, black on white background.

7. Formatting text: keyword selection, short and clear headings, bulleted and numbered lists, short paragraphs, the most important phrase in the beginning of the text.

8.      Article solves the problem of the reader, responding to a question that he asked the search engine generates a lot of useful information.

9.      Detailed description of the topic, emphasizing unique or new features.

10.  The call to action at the end of the text: "buy now", "checkout" and "send request" contact information "how to contact us," and the ease of placing the order.

The presence of the above-mentioned 10 signs albeit not guarantee 100% success, but growth in sales of the product will be provided!