Wednesday, 6 November 2013

How to keep existing customers

Retaining your existing customers is a more complex job than bringing new ones. The reason is because the existing customers are the people that visit your outlet more often than any of the others. They have a good interaction and relation with the particular brand and they are expecting more than other customers. So, you have to think very sharply to retain those customers and in order to retain them you have to keep your services up to their standards and trying not to cause them any kind of inconvenience.
Most in banks there are certain techniques used to retain the customers which afterwards become very effective for them. A customer holding millions of rupees as a deposit in a bank will be more worthy than any of the customer and now it is time for the bank to give him some favors and services to make him stay with the bank. They will start sending him cards, gifts, complimentary invitations to different occasions and more enhanced customer Advertising agencies in UK services to make him feel special in that way he will tend to stay with the bank. So, if taken proper care then these things matter a lot. In case of different brands, people tend to give memberships and discount cards to their customers which give an impression of “You are most welcome back to our shop!”
In this way you can retain your customers. To start with the first thing is always the customer services. The better the customer websitedevelopment for companies' services will be, nor the customers will like you and your company for no reason. The customer wants a nice gentle and caring response and if someone is dealing with them casually then obviously they never want to come back and face all those arrogant faces again. It’s all about making your customers feel special in order that they were filled with the urge to come back the other day. The next thing about retaining the customers is by giving them complimentary giveaways such as gifts, cards for different occasions etc. This gives a gesture that you truly care about your customers and always keep them in mind at any occasion which is imminent.
Lots of corporate sectors in Pakistan organize events such as annual dinners, concerts etc. and they actually invite them very premium and special customers to those events which connects the customers vivaciously to the organization and make him feel as a part of the organization. That is the actual feel that every customer is looking for. Staying a customer and being a part of the organization are two different things and when they come together it ultimately takes the relationship to the next level where things are at ease and your customer isn’t leaving you and going anywhere. It has always been a hard task to retain your services because keeping the prestigious clients is like giving services beyond the service level. Satisfactory services are not entertained because he can get satisfaction anywhere but treating them as premium customers and by acknowledging them the most important people in the world for you will never let anything depart them from you.

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