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10 Signs the Selling Copywriting for Web

Without copywriting is not promotion, and without promotion copywriting. It's like two plus two. Agree, without good copywriting will not be effective promotion, and this means that copywriting must sell. For this he needed, and not to fill the empty spaces on the site or advertising. Copywriting should be sold.

To understand what is copywriting marketing , let us define the very concept of copyrighting.

Copywriting - this development activity (on request) and image advertising slogans, mottos, as well as promotion and advertising texts (Dictionary of the natural sciences. Glossary. Ru).

Copywriting (from Eng. copywriting ) - professional activity of writing advertising and presentation of texts . As such can be considered all texts that directly or indirectly advertise goods, Advertising agencies in Karachi, service, person or idea. Professionals who deal with copyrighting, called copywriters. (The Free Encyclopedia Wikipedia).

That is the main purpose of copywriting is the promotion of the product by the text.

During RuNet term "copywriting" has a broader designation. Under him understand and create unique texts for the needs of SEO-optimization, and writing articles - not necessarily advertising. Hence the question arises of how to be a marketing copywriter.

Currently out several types of copywriting:

Advertising copywriter, copywriting for print, television, outdoor advertising and online advertising.
SEO-copywriting-writing unique texts optimized for key search engine queries.
Speechwriting-drafting texts for public appearances.
Web-ratting (web copywriting) copywriting for websites.
Rewriting - rewriting the source code in your own words so that the result is a unique text with meaning.
All of the above 5 species copywriting somehow contribute product promotion, but do it directly yet only three. SEO-copywriting is more to search engine optimization. And his main goal is to raise the ranking of a website and increase attendance. Speechwriting can not be called selling copywriting , as public speaking is the main driving force of the speaker, his charisma and ability to voice text beautifully.

What does it take to advertising copywriting (web copywriting and rewriting) successfully sold? What should be in the article or not to product promotion has been effective? Texts for print advertising and online advertising will differ in some details, but not fundamentally. Since in our paper we consider issues related to copywriting for the web , then b Udem bear this in mind.

The text for the site and requires a combination of many elements of the advertising message, here are some of them:

1. " Delicious "headline.

"The headlines read five times more than the texts themselves" - Ogilvy on Advertising / D. Ogilvi. The headline should "hook" the reader and make reading further.

2. Mention illustrations.

Many of the best copywriters uses in their selling lyrics illustration. Illustration for the site must also contain the name of the keyword. Illustration of the keyword in the title is a way to free promotion site on the World Wide Web.

3.      Key words in the text. Necessary again to remember the key words. The best option is "Grind" articles under one keyword. That is, the title, the title and text illustration use only one keyword. The text is necessary to use the keyword several times, preferably in the different spellings.

4.      Simple language, clear and relevant topic. Sometimes not prevent a drop of good humor and irony.

5. Lack of hype. The article should not "vparivat"!

6.      Readable font. For online advertising effective font size not less than 10, "sans-serif»: Arial, Verdana and Arial black, black on white background.

7. Formatting text: keyword selection, short and clear headings, bulleted and numbered lists, short paragraphs, the most important phrase in the beginning of the text.

8.      Article solves the problem of the reader, responding to a question that he asked the search engine generates a lot of useful information.

9.      Detailed description of the topic, emphasizing unique or new features.

10.  The call to action at the end of the text: "buy now", "checkout" and "send request" contact information "how to contact us," and the ease of placing the order.

The presence of the above-mentioned 10 signs albeit not guarantee 100% success, but growth in sales of the product will be provided!

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