Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Entry to the earnings or pays for what money online

Those who earn a postal service, they think they are paying money for something that they read the letter. Those who earn a surfboard, do not think they get paid for what they include in their surfing Bowser, and laugh at the same time - what stupid people get paid to do what makes the most complex. Y-you, there are beginners kettles. What to do!

Later, much later, podnatorev in the virtual space, one realizes that one can earn on file hosting, and the posts in the forums a lot more than postmen and surfing. Still, a person thinks that he is paid money for what he writes something or give some kind of unique files to download. That is, people think that the money paid to him for his action steps to fill the internet.

Somewhere in two or three years, a person matures the creation of the site. The first site is usually created for a long time. Set size of 3-7 pages created about two to three months. Then nichinayutsya attempts to make a kotekstnoy advertising. IE rakzmeschenie blocks of advertising on your website.

Then the person begins to emerge some incomprehensible idea, some understanding of the reasons for which, or of communication, which actually pay money. But this understanding is still something incomprehensible speeds ...

The next person is actively engaged in the promotion of the site, its optimization. The search for articles on potimizatsii and promotion, experimentation ... And here arises the real understanding of the causes, the actual cause, payment of money on the internet.

You've already got it? Well, strain your gross - it's easy!

If, however, you did not come, they pay for money on the internet - I can tell you!

And so I'll get you a big, big secret. Just do not talk about it:

Money to pay for online advertising!

Yes, yes. The money that is paid for advertising, but not for reading emails, surfing, clicks, fill out the questionnaire. That is, all the ways of earning online obyadinyayutsya one word "ADVERTISEMENT". People pay money for advertising their resources on the Internet. And advertising, as we know, the motor trade. The more publicized life, so it is up to the issuance of the search engines, and the more his visitors, and the higher the TCI and PR, and consequently the more money it brings!

So, to sum up. What would you not do on the Internet, no matter what methods did not earn, remember to pay money for online advertising!

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