Monday, 30 December 2013

How to describe the goods to be bought

The site - a dealer, not a living, but electronic. Why do some sellers sell a lot, but almost no other? The difference between "selling" and "unsold" that knows how to tell a good seller of goods specified enthusiastically to the merits of the goods, skillfully explain how the product can solve the problem of the buyer. An "unsold" will get bored and impatient to wait, when you become separated from it.

Of all the sections of the site is playing a role card product seller who either convince the buyer need to purchase or make it click and leave the site.

So what should be on the item card to convince the customer of the need making a purchase.

1.      Product Name and product (number). Some industries from different manufacturers may have different part numbers (numbers) for one and the same product. If possible, specify all the existing articles, Advertising agencies in Karachi then the buyer will know exactly what to buy that product, which he needs.

Example: radiators for cars and tractors are manufactured by several plants. And every plant assigns a unique number. Same radiator all manufacturers have different drawing rooms. Not all potential buyers understand the intricacies of the technical documentation and may simply not know all the existing number you want them to radiate.

2.      Photo goods at various angles. Photo quality should be good, but do not make them too big in size. Not all buyers may be high-speed Internet or a powerful computer that will lead to the fact that the photos will be a long time to boot. This may cause that the user gets tired of waiting and it just goes from the site. But also very small pictures do not make. The buyer cannot see the details he needed. Goods must be captured in different angles. The buyer is not possible to feel the goods, touch and see. Therefore, it should see the goods from several sides in profile, full face and in fine detail.

Example: Online M. The video perfectly solved this problem. Any product can be virtually in the hands and rotate it out fine details.

3. Property Description Item plays a pivotal role in sales. While searching for the right product, the buyer is looking even the product itself, as a solution to their problems. At the same time, Advertising agencies in Pakistan the description of the properties of the product should not put pressure on the buyer's complex technical terms and abstruse words. It should be easy to read and tell why this product is needed.

Example: good decisions can have podposmotret Ozon. Ru and online Sportmaster.

4. Manufacturer name indicates mandatory. Many customers trust certain brands and faceless commodity just scare them.

5. Indication of stock - a very important selling point. Availability of necessary goods instantly catches the customer's attention and prompts him for immediate purchase.

Example: an excellent solution in Ozon. Ru and online Sportmaster. The site Sportmaster can see if there are items available in a particular store this trading network. It has repeatedly urged me as a buyer, go to the store and buying the right product. And it is very convenient. No need to go shopping and spend your time and money searching for the right product. You can see that the store has the goods, and you go there to buy.

6.      List of related products can sometimes sell more than the card itself explanation.

Example: this scheme works fine in Ozon. Ru and is one of the factors of their multimillion-dollar sales.

7. Product List peers will help the buyer make the best choice.

8. Conditions of delivery and payment are very important buying decision. He must be sure that it will be easy and convenient to get the goods and pay for it.

9. Link to reviews on this product, free product with discussions. Man being curious, meticulous and loving part with their money. He needed to be sure that he is buying what you need. And who is it best to sure about this? No, not the seller, and a fellow shopper. Why so popular forums and sites where you can read reviews about places, products and services.

10. The price of goods under different conditions of supply. Goods can not itself go down, and someone brings it delivers. Therefore, shipping costs are part of the purchase price. The ultimate solution to the buyer need to know exactly how much he will pay for the goods.

Example: I like ozone, is the fact that you quickly issued a final price, how much will it cost you to buy this product. Me as a buyer it is very convenient. Sale process itself becomes transparent and honest.

11. Discounts, bonuses and surcharges must be specified and the customer said.

12. Examples of calculating savings in various forms of delivery, payment. Buyers should be clear how it can save. In addition, he will be pleased that cared.

13. Rating of orients what products are in demand and what is not. Since a good product, as you know, quickly sold.

14. The link to the files to "upload" detailed documentation. Sometimes the decision needs a little more information than can accommodate a card of product description and therefore need to have access to more detailed technical and other information.

List of items that you must have the card in the item description, we got along, but without them your email seller fails to fulfill its mission successfully. I would also note that in more detail about each of these items you can find, subscribe free blog "Sell more with the help of web-copywriting. 1000 ideas to millions of rubles. "

Good luck to you in the promotion!

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