Thursday, 26 December 2013

Proper Exchange Links

After registration in search engines and directories girder following pop method of promotion - buy or exchange links. What can it give? In principle, the same sense that with directories. External links to good, fatty, close topics sites, increase PR, Alexa Rank, and with the successful placement also deliver traffic. Exchange begins with. Generally, the exchange is not accepted with enthusiasm by the search engines and the algorithms of the search engines are trying to identify these facts, and "hamstring" sites seen in the obese. This happens because it is an artificial cheat and search engine strive to improve the quality of search and respected natural links. So in at least they like to think -.) links are direct and cross. Direct - A site refers to the site B, site B to your site A. Cross - site A links to site B, site B to site C, Site C to Site A or other schemes, but the general sense, I think, is clear .. How better? No consensus - some believe that direct links are better, others that cross. Personally, Advertising agencies in Karachi my opinion, this should not be abused at all. No you will not be in a reasonable amount of outgoing, even direct links. Generally, it is believed that on each page should be no more than 50 references, because more searchers ignore, but I prefer to do a much smaller value (I basically do not do it on purpose, did not actively practice and practiced). Usually about free exchange agree, it's the same exchange. The following conclusions if you PR-1, CY-0, hardly any site PR-5, CY-3000 will be with you to change ... So, as a rule, a more realistic exchange with sites having similar performance. Although it happens in different ways, in many respects depends on luck and talent to negotiate. I can be in the following ways: 1) Directly negotiating with web masters vending sites Advertising agencies in Pakistan  you; 2) using special service. I will not go into detail and describe the features of each, just give a list of the most popular, having a normal reputation. Understand they will not Tips for link exchange: 1) changes references to related sites. It is certainly possible, and not thematic, but it will not be effective; 2) me to sites that have some PageRank and TCI (the higher the better) 3) Reference text is not the least important, consider it, to make it relevant to your page, in addition, his attempt to diversify. 4) Page where you placed a link should be available for indexing by search engines, it should not be a page - mess with hundreds of outgoing links; 5) Under the links can provide a separate page, but it's the same should not be trashed, I contain no more than 50 references, in addition it should also have some PageRank, TCI and should be indexed, otherwise such an exchange is not interested in anyone; 6) If there is a possibility of cross-sharing - use. If you have multiple projects, ask for a link to one of them, and give yourself a link from another. Really a such exchange must be mutual interest to and beneficial; 7) Not necessarily, to share with the main pages, if pages 2-3 levels indexed by search engines and have a decent PageRank and Alexa Rank, then why not? 8) Ensure that shortly after exchanging your link is not removed, it happens all the time. So look for bona fide partners. 9) And finally do not abuse! Finally, the change can only be cautiously -). Just like with directories, do not subscribe to the full comer trash at best a waste of time, I should change efficiently and wisely. Better yet, unless of course, there is money to buy links, but more on that next time. More reading: ABC terms and jargon for SEO novice

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